New Book Helps Alzheimer’s Caregivers

I have recently edited a book written by my sister, who was one of the caregivers for our father and who is also a licensed social worker. She has worked in nursing homes and is now a social services consultant to nursing homes, where one of her primary duties is training nursing home staff.

Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s
by Nancy Nicholson is a short (86 pages) easy-to-read guide for caregivers, filled with tips and practical advice. 

 If you know someone who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease, I hope you will pass the information on to them. Or order a book for them for Christmas. At $5.99 in print, the book makes a great stocking stuffer.

You can learn more in an interview with Nancy or on her website.

The Apprentice Who Will Not Be Fired

For some time, I have wanted to have someone to help me in very busy times and to fill in for me if I’m unable to work. Finding that person proved to be a challenge. There are many writers, editors, Web designers, book designers, and administrative workers who are much better than I am. However, there aren’t many with the combination of skills that my clients count on—or even the interest in developing those skills.

Then my friend Linda Farley introduced me to Beverly Ellison. Beverly has more than 25 years of experience as an administrative, human resources, and corporate training professional. She owns Administrative Support Services, providing virtual assistance, consulting, administrative, desktop publishing, and training services. She is an excellent writer and editor and eager to learn about publishing and Web design. In addition to being highly skilled and motivated, Beverly is a lovely lady who will be a delight to work with. She shares my Christian faith, and we believe God brought us together.

I am excited to announce that Beverly is now my apprentice while she continues to operate her own business. She will be working with me on specific projects that will benefit from her experience, as well as learning new skills so that she will eventually be able to handle any project for my clients. Please welcome her and share our excitement.

Looking for vets with PTSD who have improved

I’m working on an exciting project with Dr. Harry Croft, a psychiatrist who has evaluated more than 3500 veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for the Veterans Administration. He is writing a book to help vets with PTSD and wants to interview vets with the disorder who have improved, especially using self-help or means other than (or in addition to) VA treatment.

Read more at Looking for Vets

Endings and Beginnings

2009 has ended. 2010 has begun.

I took some time off during December to freshen and organize my office. The ceiling was painted, and the carpet cleaned. And tons of stuff accumulated over the past fifteen years has been discarded or moved to storage.

Last year I worked with authors to edit and publish some great books. Whether you’re a reader who loves good books or an author looking for an editor for your manuscript, you can see books I’ve edited at Books from My Clients.

I’ve also reviewed some excellent books and interviewed some interesting authors on my blog.

Currently, I’m working on an autobiography for a man who has traveled the world and helping a psychiatrist with a self-help book about a serious problem in society today.

Of course, I still edit business documents of all kinds and create Web sites for small businesses as well as authors.

I’m looking forward to another exciting year and hope you are as well.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Dream or Destiny

Although I didn’t start out to write about domestic violence when I wrote Dream or Destiny, it turned out to be an integral part of the story. I was pleased when a reviewer asked me if I had personal experience with domestic violence. I don’t, but I was glad she thought I did.  She was a domestic violence victims’ advocate, and she found my portrayal very realistic.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I am donating $5 to the National Domestic Violence Hotline for every copy of Dream or Destiny sold during the month. I want to do my small part to bring awareness of domestic violence.

My Special Days Dream or Destiny Promotion

My Special Days Dream or Destiny promotion

Yesterday was our anniversary, and my birthday is later this month. In celebration of my special days, I’m offering a gift to anyone who buys a copy of Dream or Destiny during the month of June. I will e-mail you an e-book of Fern’s Fancies, an unpublished contemporary romance novel. It’s quite different from my other books, and I had fun writing it. I hope you have fun reading it. In addition to the free e-book, everyone who purchases Dream or Destiny during June will have a chance to win a virtual gift basket of e-books.

For details, visit My Special Days Dream or Destiny Promotion.

Back cover blurb for Dream or Destiny:
Marilee Anderson dreams about a murder and wakes to find it really happened. She and David Nichols, the victim’s brother, become the prime suspects. Though they have their secrets and aren’t sure they can trust each other, Marilee and David team up to find the killer.
Does Tess, “the crazy lady,” know anything about the murder or is she just delusional? Does the cheating couple on the victim’s floor have any information about the night of the crime? Why has the abusive father of the victim and her brother suddenly reappeared? What about Barbara’s ex-husband? Will Marilee and David find the killer? Or will they end up in jail—or dead?

About Fern’s Fancies:
When Fern Tate sold her interior landscape company to a national corporation, she didn’t expect to have a boss like Pendleton Morgenthal, III. Had she made the biggest mistake of her life?
Pen never allowed a woman—especially a subordinate—to distract him from his fast-track career. What was it about Fern that made her different?

You may order from:
 My publisher, GASLight Publishing, LLC
Directly from me

For those of you who have Dream or Destiny on your wish list, now is the perfect time to order it. For those of you who have read and enjoyed the story, you can buy a gift for a friend and keep the free e-book for yourself.

Happy anniversary and happy birthday to me, and happy reading to you!

Introducing Myself

I’m delighted to be a new member of NAIWE. I became acquainted with the organization through Words Matter Week and appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work alongside that of my top-rate fellow members.

After owning and operating my own business for more than twenty years, a stroke made me realize the someday when I’d always planned to write had arrived.

In 1996, I sold my interior landscape company and started my new career as a freelance writer and editor. I write and edit for a variety of clients; my speciality is helping self-publishing authors edit their works, prepare the manuscripts for publication, and publish and market their books.

You can learn more about my services and experience by clicking on the links to the Portfolio and Professional Profile pages here.

Stop by A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye, where I blog about my experiences as a freelancer, share writing and publishing advice, and highlight authors and books.

Contact me if you have any questions or if I can help you with a writing or editing project.